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Please give a special round of applause to the winners of the 2002 Crossroads Film Festival!

Best Animated Film:
Major Damage - (3 minutes)

Director: Chris Bailey
Producer: Kellie-Bea Cooper

When no one is looking, especially his parents, Little Melvin turns into Major Damage, ready to do battle with his arch enemies, the Tiki Gods on Tiki Island.

Best Documentary Film:
Strange Fruit - (57 minutes)

Director: Joel Katz
Producer: Joel Katz

Strange Fruit explores the history and legacy of one of the most important protest songs ever written. A bitter and harrowing description of a lynching, the song became well known through a 1939 Billie Holiday rendition and became a staple in Holiday's career. Yet relatively few people know it was written by a Jewish school teacher from the Bronx, Abel Meeropol. The film tells a dramatic story of the American past using the song as its epicenter.

Best Experimental Film:
Modern Daydreams - (16 minutes)

Director: Mitchell Rose
Producer: Ashley Roland, Jamey Hampton, and Mitchell Rose

Modern Daydreams is a suite of four Chaplinesque films exploring the theme of movement engendered by day-to-day life. They are post-modern comedies with silent film sensibilities revealing much of the movement about us to be metaphors for both romance and isolation.

Best Feature Film:
Making Arragements - (101 minutes)

Director: Melissa Scaramucci
Producers: Melissa Scaramucci, Peter Austin Hermes

Making Arrangements focuses on the frenetic, unexplored world of a high-end flower shop. Set over four days, this adrenalized comedy documents six florists and their customers as they struggle together to create perfect events. With two weddings, a convention, and an unexpected funeral, this film spotlights what happens when ordinary people Go Floral.

Best Short Film:
Same, The - (13 minutes)

Director: Mark Palansky
Producer: Trevor Waterson

A fairy tale about the length to which a man will go for the love of a woman.

Best Student Film:
To Ease the Loss - (20 minutes)

Director: Haley McLane
Producers: Daren Hicks and Haley McLane

Little Tommy Neal is seriously ill. His parents are facing the possibility of losing him forever. As Tommy's condition deteriorates, a mystery begins to unfold. The boy seems to have knowledge of things he has no apparent way of knowing. Just at the point where the situation seems hopeless, the clues all start to come together, the mysterious events begin to make sense, and Tommy's parents find a surprising source of comfort and peace.

Directors Choice:
Buffalo Common - (22:30 minutes)

Director: Bill Brown
Producer: Ron Tibbett

In the summer of 1999, the U. S. government began imploding 2500 empty ICBM missile silos in North Dakota, after the Minuteman II missiles were removed a year earlier as part of the 1972 SALT Treaty with Russia. The two-man crew of Bill Brown and Ron Tibbett went to North Dakota in July 2000. The result was the unique, personal film that Bill Brown is know for, with his on screen appearance, and voice over diary full of wit and keen observation.

Special Achievement Award:
Anita Modak-Truran

Special Achievement Award: Jim Dollarhide

Special Award of Encouragement: Montrel McClenton

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